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Energy Saving Ideas

Be Comfortable At Home And Save Money – Best of Both Worlds

In the United States, residential buildings account for 21% of the nations energy consumption and 35% of electricity use. This is a large chunk of the Nation’s energy. Most homes do not use energy very efficiently. In fact, research as concluded that an average home has the possibility of saving 25-35% in energy consuption, and that can drastically improve your financial savings too. There are a number of energy saving practices you can employ at home on your own, but more advanced energy savings include the expertise of a heating and cooling contractor with expertise in home weatherization services.

Here are some quick and easy tips for easy energy savings:

  • Have your heating and cooling units inspected each year- it can:
    • Catch problems before they get too costly – fewer repairs means less money
    • Extend the life expectancy of your heating and cooling units – like regular oil changes extend the life of your vehicle
    • Discounts on parts and labor are common for yearly inspection plans such as the “Abel Performance Plan” – save more money by protecting your heating and cooling units
  • Get a home energy audit(also called a home weatherization inspection)
    • A blower door test is used to ensure a thorough inspection of the whole home as a system.
    • Instead of focusing on a single heating and/or cooling unit, a home energy audit will inspect all the systems of the home, not as systems completely independent of each other, but as a single unit with many interacting subsystems. Having a new furnace will not fix bad duct=work or air leaks in the attic. A energy audit will inspect everything from air leaks to air conditioners, from water heaters to weather stripping.
    • At ABEL Heating and Cooling, we look at the whole home as a system. We can take a look at the whole home to find out the best way to improve the overall efficiency of your home or business.
  • Change your furnace / air filteras needed
    • A furnace struggling to move air will need more energy to operate – not to mention you’ll have cleaner air to breathe
    • Check at least once a month for dirt build up on your filter(s)
  • Make sure you have good weather stripping around doors and windows to prevent air leaks
  • Put plastic over windows during the winter months
  • Turn the temperature down 4-10 degreesat night…
    • However, don’t turn it down much less than 10 degrees since the energy needed to make up that large of a temperature difference could eliminate the cost savings you desire.
  • Clear the furnace drain pipe – many furnaces clog up due to a full condensate pipe

Taking these steps will ensure you are making your home as efficient as possible. Your home is an investment and ABEL Heating and Cooling is here to protect your investment.

If you have any questions about these tips or would like more information on saving money please give us a call at: 952.472.COOL (2665)